Stop Playing Into Their Book!!

David Rudel, acclaimed author of Zuke 'Em, presents a new system against repertoires based on K-side flank defenses (e.g., King's Indian, Dutch, Grünfeld, Benoni). This plug-and-play solution is compatible with most 1.d4 repertoires, whether you prefer 2.c4 or 2.Nf3.

This system, named ZUKA, allows White to direct the game away from the comfortable book paths Black is used to, and it does so by exploiting fundamental concerns in each opening:

  • The King's Indian Defense is based on the idea that Black can sacrifice space for development and then target White's center, but what happens if White focuses on development and only claims a big center when it is too late for Black to safely attack it?

  • Players using the Dutch Defense are particularly challenged anytime White can get both his Bishops on powerful squares. ZUKA aims to do exactly that and combines this with the threat of a dangerous K-side pawn storm.

  • The Grünfeld Defense assumes Black can trade off his K-Knight to unleash his K-Bishop. But what happens when White not only prevents this trade but also makes the thematic ...c5 a poison pill?

  • The Benoni Defense relies on a dangerous Q-side initiative, but it turns out that this initiative relies on temporary pressure against White's center. By delaying complete occupation of the center, White can utterly stop Black's Q-side initiative while still retaining his clear central advantage.

From here you can read reviews, download free sample material, learn about the Dangerfield Attack, and find links to retailers selling Rudel's books.

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